JoAnne Lewis

JoAnne Lewis (Maiden Name: Gott) will be remembered as a luminary storyteller of her time, sharing her presence, love, and never-ending series of tales with those who knew her from 1936-2021. JoAnne lived to be 86 years old, and is legend — she will be dearly missed by the tapestry of family and friends she wove together during her lifetime of adventures.

When you were with JoAnne, no matter how well she knew you, she made sure you were loved and accepted as you were. JoAnne was preceded in death by her husband Homer Lewis, and they shared a close bond and dedicated partnership as parents. JoAnne went to extreme lengths to make sure her children had the things they needed and many relied on her creative and resourceful nature. Known as Jo/JoJo by grandchildren and great grandchildren, JoJo was patient and understanding, always offering her family a safe space.

Jo was an empath and healer, improving the lives of those around her with compassion and home-cooked meals. She could be just as sweet as her sweet tooth, and never ceased to find ways to feed the flock, keep everything under control, and entertain all the kids. She always seemed to host effortlessly, making magic behind-the-scenes. 

JoJo was most herself around the holidays and after dark, and her loved ones all spent a lot of time conversing in her kitchen, and watching late night TV and scary movies. Jo loved anything that was out of the ordinary, and that included monsters of all kinds. She wasn’t worried about fitting in, and when nobody was watching, she loved to show off her dance moves.

As a strong matriarch, Jo was a listening ear, and ahead of her time she advocated for women and children. She wasn’t scared of anyone when it came to protecting her loved ones - Jo fought fiercely for what was right.

JoAnne was preceded in death by her father Charles Ray Gott Sr., mother Pauline Sue Drennan-Gott, and siblings: Charles Ray Gott Jr., Naomi Ramadine Wheeler, Alma Helen Purdy, and Bonnie Jean Gott.

She is survived by her sisters Leota Than McClanahan and Sondra Kay Hamlow; children Eva Winter, Ava Charlotte Lewis, JoDee Dunn, and Lon Lewis; grandchildren Jerry Dale and Chester Baker, Shelby Winter, Chad Lewis and Trevor Lewis, Louden David, Haillee Cavin, Brooke, Bailey and Blair Lewis, and 13 great-grandchildren. 

A memorial service will be held on Friday, July 30, 2021, at 11 a.m. at Rogers Family Mortuary in Monte Vista, 404 Morris St., Monte Vista, CO 81144. To leave condolences, please visit