George Rudy Herrera

George Rudy Herrera was born on Nov. 17, 1950, in Monte Vista, Colo.

He is survived by his loving wife, Maryann Herrera, of 56 years and their five children, Rudolph Herrera, Denise Herrera, Marcie Herrera, Georgina Herrera, and Margarite Herrera; his siblings, Susan Aguilar, Anthony Herrera and Johnny Herrera; and many grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

He was preceded in death by his father Anselmo Herrera, mother Stephanie Herrera, brother Louis Herrera and grandson Toby Lesardo Herrera.

Rudy loved spending time with his family, especially his grandchildren. Each and every one of them were personally nicknamed by him.

He loved playing his guitar and singing his oldies music without a care in the world. He’d put on a show for his grandchildren every chance he had.

He will always be our King of Rock ‘N’ Roll. He is very loved and will be very missed.