URGSD seats new board, elects officers

Photo by Lyndsie Ferrell The Upper Rio Grande School Board held a swearing-in ceremony for Leroy Trujillo and Bridget Kreutzer on Dec. 1. Pictured are Trustees Veronica Climie, Kreutzer, Keith Brown, Cory Off and Trujillo.

DEL NORTE — The Upper Rio Grande School District held a special meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 1 to swear in its new board members and discuss assignments for the coming term. The swearing-in ceremony was postponed previously awaiting certification of the election by Rio Grande County per state statutes.

Once the votes were certified and the results from the 2021 election were released it was determined that Leroy Trujillo and Bridget Kreutzer had won the election. The board congratulated the two candidates for their victory and officially added them to the board.

“I am really looking forward to serving the school district and the community,” Trujillo stated after the meeting with the Del Norte Prospector.

Kreutzer is serving her second term in office and had the most votes in the election.

Once the proper paperwork was completed, nominations for Upper Rio Grande School Board president were made by members. Keith Brown and Kreutzer were nominated. The position of board president went to Brown through a roll call vote that consisted of the majority of the board.

Next, the board filled the office of vice president. Kreutzer was nominated and earned the title after a roll call vote by the board. 

For the office of board treasurer, newly appointed President Brown nominated Angie Velasquez to continue to serve in that role, which the board unanimously approved.

The final appointment was again suggested by Brown who indicated that Terri Dudley continues to serve as board secretary, and this was also passed with a unanimous roll call vote.

The meeting was later adjourned with the new members in place and all appointments assigned for the duration of their terms.


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