URGSD gets approval for fall sports from CHSAA

DEL NORTE- Along with several other Colorado schools, the Upper Rio Grande School District received a notice approval to begin some fall sports. Though the news received was bitter-sweet, the school is planning to make the best of the situation. Some concerns that were raised by staff and the board of education in a meeting at the beginning of the month were answered in the letter received from CHSAA that outlined athletic protocol.

According to Superintendent Chris Burr, the school will be moving forward with football and is allowing students who want to participate in cross-country to do so even though the season is almost over. “We are still waiting to hear about Volleyball. It was considered a minimal risk sport at the beginning of all this and why we haven’t received approval is beyond me.”

The school is now awaiting word from either CHSAA or Governor Jared Polis on whether or not the Volleyball season will be postponed until January. “There was not to be sports between Oct. 1 and Jan. 1 but that has been lifted. We are planning to move forward with the sports that we offer,” explained Burr.

CHSAA has released guidelines that schools must follow in order to participate in fall sports like football. Students, coaches and managers must attend practices wearing masks. Students are allowed to remove face coverings when they are being physically active but must resume wearing face coverings when they are done. CHSAA also requests that teams follow social distancing guidelines when applicable and the same is required for all who attend events.

In addition to the news from CHSAA, the school has announced that in-person learning numbers are rising daily. According to Burr, the last day for students to have the option for in-person learning was Wednesday, Sept. 30. “We may revisit the topic for in-person learning later in the year, like around Christmas break, but for now the students who have enrolled in online learning will continue online for the remainder of the year.”

Burr also stated that the school’s extracurricular activities are all taking place and in full swing. “All of our other courses like art, aviation and other extracurricular activities are taking place as long as they take place at school.”


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