URGSD building receives architectural award

DEL NORTE — The Upper Rio Grande School District announced last week that its Del Norte K-12 project received an architectural award from Learning by Design Magazine.

The state-of-the-art building is like nothing the Valley had ever seen and the flowing architectural design has gained notoriety throughout the state for the past two years since its completion. 

According to the magazine's article, “TreanorHL received one of only six Citation of Excellence awards from Learning By Design Magazine for the Del Norte K-12 project. The scoring for the magazine's Fall 2021 Architectural and Interior Design Awards was based heavily on innovation, community needs, interior design, sustainability, functional design, and next-generation learning."

Jury comments about the Del Norte school project included: “This is a forward-thinking, beautiful design that should serve a rural community well both as a school and community hub. Each part of the building incorporates spaces for student gathering and connecting, including a work bar beneath the central learning stair, and team centers for elementary, middle and high school students that combine formal and informal furniture. The commons and shared spaces integrate elements of western lodges with those of community centers and schools. The result is a terrific balance.”

In addition to Del Norte K-12, Learning by Design also awarded Meeker High School, Roosevelt High School and Buena Vista Middle and High School with Outstanding Project awards.

Del Norte was featured in this month’s edition of Learning by Design which focuses on the architectural significance of the building. The 122,000-square-foot school is the highlight of the edition and one that shows the tremendous amount of effort that was put into designing the new building, playground and athletic complex. 

URGSD was awarded a BEST grant in 2017 and passed a bond to help make up the difference of what was needed to build the new school. This was also highlighted in the edition, showing the vital role the community played in the creation of the new school. 

The open, user-friendly design has been a benefit to the students, teachers and staff that have made this building their second home and the newer facilities have also played a role in the safety and well being of students with new air filtration systems, new cafeteria and open learning spaces that are utilized daily by classes K through 12.