Trixie’s treasures

Another 4th of July passed us by this past week and Ol’ Dutch let er’ slip by without nary a mention, which is bad on all accounts. So late, but not forgotten, I have to give credit to all the founding fathers who gave their lives, property, and fortunes so we could be free.

We did have some great fireworks put on by the city and our friends came over for burgers and beans. So, it wasn't a wash for us for sure.

While we were conversing the subject of “good deals” came up and of course Miss Trixie, ever her mother’s daughter, was able to share about the good deal on eggs she found with a local farmer. The mention of the price led to gasps of disbelief from our friends and of course, Ol’ Dutch got to thinking — a dangerous activity for him according to Trixie. But if you bear with me, you will see the merit to my new idea and if you are smart, you will join in and get bargains galore like Miss Trixie.

So, what I am thinking is that you can all join the Miss Trixie “Find me a bargain” club and in doing so go along for the ride that she can provide by finding deals that would break a Scotchman’s heart. When her momma passed away, I had wondered if anyone could carry on the tradition of absolute unbelievable bargain finds but I think that Miss Trixie has surpassed her if only because she can use the Internet more effectively to find deals. Now Ol’ Dutch has always been a wheeler-dealer of sorts himself, but I cannot hold a candle to what my partner can produce on so little money. And thankful I am, too.

What you will need to do is simply notify Trixie of what you are looking for like soup or nuts or a car or a computer or about anything you can dream of and sooner or later it will flow into her hands as if by magic at some price that not even our father Abraham from the Bible could of found. Now you may think this is a somewhat crazy of an idea, but case in point. Sunday night, she found a laptop for a friend that will go on sale Tuesday at less than half price. Oh, you can go out there and get one today, of course, but not at the price she somehow knows is coming on another day shortly ahead.

I know she is smart as a whip, but I am starting to believe that something either Divine or otherwise is sending her messages about sales and deals. How else can she know that somebody's chickens shifted into overdrive and pooped out eggs at astronomical quantities? I smell a rat. Well at least chicken poop on the unwashed white ovals.

How can she know that if I wait a few days for something I want it will be half of the sales price already on the item? It's uncanny and getting a tad spooky if you ask me. I am not sure where to go in the area for an exorcist or if maybe I just need a garlic necklace to cure such a phenomenon. But after some of the deals of late that Ol’ Dutch has gotten due to her diligence and fast fingering her phone, I may just put up with spooky to get the goodies.

One good thing that has happened due to her eggciting activities is she had many extras to share with our neighbor Larry. And we soon found out that he is a Master BBQ expert, and his luscious smoked brisket began to find its way to our fridge and into my belly. I am from Kansas and let me tell you we know good BBQ from the famous Kansas City Masters but Ol’ Smokey himself, Mr. Larry, has to be the very best brisketizer I have ever eaten.

So, join the Miss Trixie Club and not only enjoy the great deals on everything under the sun, but maybe you, too, can trade the excess from your larder for something fabulous to eat.


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