Third Fun Race held at Wolf Creek

WOLF CREEK—Wolf Creek Ski Area hosted the Third Fun Race Sunday, Jan. 28. With a great turnout of 54 races from several states, Samaya Dunn de Pulido and Noah Rutter, both of Pagosa Springs, tied for the fastest time of 26.67 seconds.

Gold: Sierra Rich, Pagosa Springs, 134.40
Gold: Veda Deitemeyer, Pagosa Springs, 34.94
GIRLS 9-11
No participants
GIRLS 12-14
Gold: Ruth Hollcomb, Durango, 28.64
Silver: Maggie Hollcomb, Durango, 34.17
GIRLS 15-17
Gold: Samay Dunn de Pulido, Pagosa Springs, 26.67
GIRLS 18-20
No participants
WOMEN 21-25
Gold: Ellie Mullin, Sante Fe, 33.74
WOMEN 26-30
No participants
WOMEN 31-35
Gold: Colleen Gips, San Antonio, 35.52
WOMEN 36-40
Gold: Nikki Herrodis, South Fork, 30.13
Silver: Danielle Galvan, Little Elm, Texas, 36.42
WOMEN 41-50
Gold: Libby Cowle, Durango, 28.30
Silver: Tatyana Stoddard, Waco, 31.92

BRONZE, Becky Deitemeyer, Pagosa Springs, 35.65
WOMEN 51-60
Gold: Lindsey Von Lemon, Pagosa Springs, 31.86
Silver: Becky Henken, Pagosa Springs, 34.26
Women 60-70
No participants
No participants

BOYS 3-5
Gold: Isaac Callard, Del Norte, 42.26
BOYS 6-8
Gold: Nash Rutter, Pagosa Springs, 31.18
Silver: Ryan Rich, Pagosa Springs, 35.24
BOYS 9-11
Gold: Noah Rutter, Pagosa Springs, 26.67
Silver: Nigel Rutter, Pagosa Springs, 27.47
BRONZE, Milo Deitemeyer, Pagosa Springs, 31.87
BOYS 12-14
Gold: Charlie Bridgam, Durango, 30.95
Silver: Cyrus Lewis, Durango, 31.32
BRONZE, Cole Harper, Pagosa Springs, 50.40
BOYS 15-17
Gold: Nolan Kay, Pagosa Springs, 27.35
BOYS 18-20
No participants
MEN 21-25
Gold: Matt Thibodeaux, Nacogdoches, Texas, 34.48
Silver: Noah Garcia, Santa Fe, 35.04
MEN 26-30
Gold: Brian Bowden, Houston, 28.54
Silver: A.J. Miller, Albuquerque, 29.74
BRONZE, J.P. Gips, San Antonio, 35.45
MEN 31-35
Gold: Chris Mahoney, Fort Worth, 36.01
Silver: Matt Mitchell, Fort Worth, 36.84
MEN 36-40
Gold: Augie Sparrow, South Fork, 27.01
Silver: Aaron Herrodis, South Fork, 29.52
BRONZE, Logan Culver, Del Norte, 30.77
MEN 41-50
Gold: Charlie Rutter, Pagosa Springs, 26.26
Silver: David Filipiak, Pagosa Springs, 30.38
BRONZE, Steve Martino, Bayfield, 34.32
MEN 51-60
Gold: Jerry Mullen, Minneapolis, MN, 28.37
Silver: Tom Holcomb, Durango, 28.80
BRONZE, Greg Shulte, Pagosa Springs, 29.42
MEN 60-70
Gold: Phil Clum, Pagosa Springs, 29.69
Silver: Greg Landrun, Pagosa Springs, 31.72
BRONZE, Hap Hazzord, Crawford, Texas, 36.50
Gold: George Myers, Pagosa Springs, 44.79

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