South Fork Fire Rescue completes cold water training


Photos courtesy of Melanie Dickey The South Fork Fire Rescue team heads out on the Rio Grande River Saturday, March 20 to complete a series of trainings, and continued throughout the day in different locations around South Fork.

SOUTH FORK — Members of South Fork Fire Rescue participated in several activities during its monthly training day on March 20.

The morning began with members taking a Traffic Control session-review in a classroom setting, instructed by Head Engineer Nate Goldsberry. Members learned how to safely control or stop traffic after a vehicle accident or incident on any road or major highway to keep both first responders and bystanders safe until the incident is cleared from the roadway.

Following the Traffic Control class, Chief Tyler Off gave a short review on Wildland Pump Operations as the wildland fire season is approaching. Members will receive several more hours of training and review on all wildland fire operations in the coming months.

In the afternoon, members traveled a short distance to Elk Creek Ranch, taking advantage of rapidly dissipating ice conditions to train in Ice Rescue Operations. Members all took turns performing different techniques to rescue simulated victims after they fell through the ice of the Rio Grande River.

Members also took turns working on the shore to rig up haul lines and prepare an area for patient care after the victim is retrieved from the water. The skills and tactics learned and acquired in the river will ensure members are prepared to rescue unfortunate individuals from icy water in a fast and safe manner.

 South Fork Fire Rescue officials thanked Elk Creek Ranch for allowing them to train on their property.