Small burglaries increase in Del Norte

DEL NORTE—  According to Del Norte Police Chief Robert Fresquez, burglaries in the Del Norte area have increased over the last several weeks.
“We have had a slight increase in small burglaries over the past several weeks and we want to remind people to be sure and lock their vehicle doors and put their belongings inside or out of view,” said Fresquez.
Fresquez continued, explaining that activity has been significant in the late-night hours in the Columbia and Spruce Street vicinity and that the police department needs the public’s help. “We are covering the areas as much as possible, but we need the community to report suspicious activity. This is their community as much as it is ours and we need their help. At this time, the suspects are focusing on unlocked vehicles and mountain bikes. They are checking for unlocked doors and using bolt cutters to cut bike chains,” said Fresquez.
The department was able to apprehend several suspects last summer and thefts in the area dropped for a considerable amount of time until just recently. “Our Neighborhood Watch meeting was well attended; people were really starting to pay attention and then some seemed to have let their guard down. We can’t lose focus now. We need to keep attendance at the Neighborhood Watch meetings up, and we need people to report suspicious activity so we can get to the area as quickly as possible,” said Fresquez.
“The suspects are stealing small items out of vehicles and seem to be focused on mountain bikes. They are taking the bikes, stripping them down, repainting them and reselling them. The public needs to get involved and not wait to report any activity. Don’t wait until the next day or the next time you see an officer. Call it in immediately so we can respond.”
“Now that the summer is beginning to slow down and school is back in session, it is important to remember that the nights are still warm enough that people are still wandering around. Please lock your vehicles and put belongings away or out of sight.”
The thefts are occurring late at night and in the vicinity of Columbia and Spruce Streets around the Windsor Hotel. Any and all suspicious activity should be reported to the Del Norte Police Department at 657-2600.


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