River Valley Inn recieves final touches

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DEL NORTE— River Valley Nursing Home is in the final stages of construction and is scheduled to open by the end of June. The nursing home has been under construction for just over a year and opening day is quickly approaching. Construction crews are adding the final touches to the building and preparing for their first guest who will be moving in on June 26. Staff are eager to open the doors and roll out the red carpet for the new nursing home in Del Norte.
While walking into the front lobby of the building, the main focus of the room is on the large reception desk placed strategically so that, when manned by nurses and staff, employees can see down the corridors of every hallway. Behind the desk is another large common area where those living at the facility can enjoy beautiful views out the back doors or wander out onto paved decks or walk through gardens that will be planted in the near future.
The rooms are open, comforting spaces that offer privacy and easy access to bathrooms and other facilities. The rooms are both private, single occupant rooms as well as double occupant, depending on what the guest prefers. Bathrooms are equipped with state of the art equipment to make everything easier for the guest and nurses that will be on staff to help out. Showers are open rooms and are able to be accessed by wheelchair or lifts to help with bathing.
The facility has several common rooms besides the main room that sits in the front of the main entrance. Towards the north end of the building there is a community kitchen where guests can bring their family and friends or just come alone to cook a homemade meal. The kitchen has a dining area that looks out on the Del Norte river basin and gets the light from the sunsets in the west. The kitchen is equipped with brand new appliances that can be used by guests anytime of the day.
In addition to the community kitchen, off of the main room sits a dining area, where guests can bring family and friends when they want to have a special celebration or meal. The room has a long table and chairs that can seat up to six guests and will be ideal for birthday celebrations or a special event. The room is quiet, offering privacy to guests with a sliding barn room door. The entire building is adorned with country style decorations that give it a home-like feeling.
The entire facility has new, state of the art equipment for senior living. Nurses and in-house doctor will be on duty at all times. For those who find bathing a hassle or need hot water therapy, the nursing home has two deep therapy hot tubs that can be opened and stepped into with ease.
River Valley Inn Nursing home also has a salon for those who wish to get pampered from time to time, a game room, arts and crafts room and much more. The home will be opening its doors to the community on June 24 from 1 until 4 p.m. Come out and see Del Norte’s new addition!

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