Rio Grande County welcomes new Human Resource Director

Deb Hite

RIO GRANDE COUNTY — Rio Grande County has a new Human Resource Director. Deb Hite was brought on in the fall of 2023 and has since worked to streamline the Human Resource Department through innovative and strengthening ideas.

Hite decided to relocate from a suburban area in Boston, Mass., to Colorado in July 2023, joining Rio Grande County in September 2023 as the Human Resource Director/Specialist.

The main motivation behind this move was to be closer to her daughter, who has lived in the region for over five years. With a human resource background, Hite has gained much experience throughout her career. She has worked for government organizations such as the State of Nevada, Massachusetts, and Santa Clara County in California.

At 21, Hite began her professional journey as a Paid Reserve Deputy for Stanislaus County, Calif., before advancing into positions within the Department of Corrections, specifically serving maximum security prisons. As a sergeant, she managed the Prison Investigations Team and Security Squad. Eventually, she was promoted to Training Director based in northeast Nevada while working with the State of Nevada.

Additionally, Hite possesses firsthand involvement in overseeing the construction and transition of a new super maximum prison in northeast Nevada. There, she recruited, hired, and developed training programs for recruits and badged personnel. The American Correctional Association recognized her efforts in managing security for a multi-million-dollar convention during her tenure.

At Santa Clara County in Calif., she worked as a Training Manager for the Department of Corrections. She developed and managed staff development programs for recruits, badged personnel, and administrators. She served as a Bay Area Training Consortium member with the Standards and Training Division of the State of California, which collaborates with local corrections systems to improve the professional competence of local corrections staff in California.

While relocating to Massachusetts, she simultaneously expanded her family. This meant more than just moving to a new location, it entailed the addition of new members to her household. Nonetheless, she embraced the opportunity wholeheartedly, fully committed to providing a nurturing environment for her loved ones in their new home in Massachusetts. Subsequently, she worked as an assistant to the director of a regional school district. During her time there, she was responsible for assisting in human resources and fiscal duties. She also served as president of a local bargaining unit.

Consequently, after obtaining her degree, she continued studying at the University of Massachusetts with a focus on Human Resource Management and Diversity Recruitment.

Having grown accustomed to the hustle and bustle of urban living, she finds herself constantly amazed by the breathtaking and majestic views of the area. She enjoys cycling, traveling, and exploring the outdoors. She enjoys encaustics, mixed media painting, and photography.

Hite is eager to use her knowledge of labor laws, diversity, and inclusion to adapt to the changing work environments and continue to foster a positive work culture for Rio Grande employees. Her aim is to provide guidance for employee growth and success.