Rio Grande County sees Republican turn out for 2020 election

RIO GRANDE COUNTY- The last several days has proven to be one of the most stressful, unprecedented elections in American history with record numbers turning out to vote. American citizens took to the polls to voice their selection for not only one of the most controversial presidential elections of our time but to make votes count in issues across the board. Everything from tax increases to abortable fetus age limits hit the state ballot this year and the constituents of Colorado have spoken.

Rio Grande County in particular was a red county, voting for Republican based ballot issues as well as the senate and presidential race. Out of the total 6,280 votes cast, 58.04% of voters cast their vote for President Trump while 39.62% voted for Biden. This contrast held true throughout the entire election for Rio Grande County.

For Rio Grande County, the U.S. Senate Race ended with John Hickenlooper with 39.86%, 2,493 votes, and Cory Gardner with 57.91% - 3,622 votes. In the 117th District for State Congress, Lauren Boebert won with 57.44% or 3,553 votes while Diane Mitsch Bush came in at 39.15% with 2,422 votes.
State Representative for District 62 Donald Valdez came in at 48.10% and 2,967 votes while Logan Taggart came in at 51.90% and 3,201 votes.

In the local commissioner election, both Gene Glover and Scott Deacon won their seats with Rio Grande County unopposed.

• Amendment B to preserve funding for local districts without increasing tax rates won 55.05% or
3,309 votes to 44.95%, 2,702 votes opposed

• Amendment C allowing change of charitable gaming activities didn’t draw favor with 56.92% voting against.

• Colorado Amendment 77, the allowing voters in Central City, Black Hawk and Cripple
Creek to expand game types and single bets Initiative, drew 54.34% or 3,246 yes votes
and 2,727, or 45.66% against.

• Proposition EE, increasing state taxes on inhaled nicotine, drew 55.19% or 3,389 yes to
2,752 or 44.81% against.

• Proposition 113 to institute a national popular vote was not favored by Rio Grande County voters with 58.42% voting against the proposition.

• Proposition 114 reintroduction of gray wolves was greatly opposed with 70.14% voting no.

• Proposition 115, banning late term abortions drew 3,432 votes against and 2,658 yes votes.

• Proposition 116, reducing the Colorado income tax rate, was popular in the county with 65.04% voting for and 34.96% voting against.

• Proposition 117, requirements for new enterprises to be approved at the next even-year
election, drew 54.20% of yes votes and 45.8% of no votes.

• Proposition 118, creation of paid family and medical leave was close in the county with 52.33% voting against and 47.67% yes.


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