Rio Grande County seeks new members for planning commission

RIO GRANDE COUNTY— During the mid-month meeting of the Rio Grande County Commissioners, Land Use Administrator Dixie Diltz presented the board with a letter requesting interested participants to help fill a vacant seat on the planning commission board.

Diltz read the letter and discussed sending it out to people who may be interested in the position and asked the board to approve the letter and the names she complied of people in the community.

In the letter it states that the planning commission plays an important role in developing and fairly administering the Land Use Development Code in Rio Grande County. The board is responsible for making recommendations to the commissioners on decisions that involve the development and implementation of the county comprehensive plan which is a guidebook to the future of the county.

As a member, potential parties would review requests for amendments to the Land Use Code such as subdivisions, exempt division of land, conditional use requests and requests for variances. The board as a whole provides recommendations regarding these request to the commissioners who have the final say in decisions.

According to Diltz, potential participants do not need any technical background or experience in land use. The board meets every third Tuesday, as long as there is content to discuss, at 1:30 p.m. in the commissioner chambers.

Commissioners stated that they had some additional names of people who may want to serve on the board before approving the letter. Diltz is available for questions and can be reached at 657-4003

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