Rio Grande Commissioners to meet weekly due to backlog

RIO GRANDE COUNTY — After several discussions, the Rio Grande County Commissioners and county staff decided the board would meet every Wednesday of the month at 9 a.m. except for holidays and special circumstances to deal with a backlog of business.

Commissioners announced the change at their first meeting in January after having to cancel and change a few meeting times and dates due to illnesses within the administrative office. 

The board made this decision because regular business was beginning to pile up. To make sure that things were handled promptly they voted to meet every Wednesday moving forward.

“We just noticed how much things were getting piled up and decided we didn’t want to do that anymore. It would sometimes be two, three weeks between meetings and issues that had to wait were not being completed promptly. It was apparent we needed this change,” said Rio Grande Commissioner Chairman Gene Glover. 

Meetings are posted weekly on the Rio Grande County website at The public can access agendas, meeting minutes and several other services including job listings from this page.