R.G. Hospital announces participation in Colorado’s Opioid Solution

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Clinicians United to Resolve the Epidemic (CO’s CURE) Hospital Medicine Pilot

Clinicians United to Resolve the Epidemic (CO’s CURE) Hospital Medicine Pilot
DEL NORTE — Rio Grande Hospital (RGH) has joined the Colorado’s Opioid Solution: Clinicians United to Resolve the Epidemic (CO’s CURE) Hospital Medicine Pilot. RGH’s goal is to improve pain management for its patients and return them to a maximum quality of life while recognizing and controlling the inherent risks of prescribing opioids. By joining this pilot program, RGH’s clinicians are demonstrating their dedication to understanding and responding appropriately to their patients’ physical and emotional symptoms of pain, in addition to taking steps to help the community combat the ongoing opioid epidemic.

This pilot implements components from the Colorado Opioid Prescribing and Treatment Guidelines for the Medical Inpatient, developed by the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the Society of Hospital Medicine with guidance from Colorado Hospital Association, Colorado Medical Society and the Colorado Consortium for Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention. These guidelines include using alternatives to opioids (ALTOs) as a first line of defense in treating patients with conditions with pain before resorting to opioids. RGH has also implemented a successful ALTO program in their emergency room for about a year now.

RGH clinician, Dr. Tiffany Ward praises programs like this that help the fight against this growing opioid problem, “We at RGH want to be proactive, and this is a strategic approach that will help our patients and our community.” According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, Colorado is at the center of the U.S. opioid epidemic with the 12th highest rate of misuse and abuse of prescription opioids across all 50 states. Colorado hospitals are in a strong position to integrate new, more effective pain management treatments that are tailored to each patient’s unique pain experience.

RGH is very pleased to be joining these efforts to reduce the opioid epidemic in Colorado.


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