Post-summer doldrums

Anyone that knows anything about Miss Trixie can tell you that she is a whirlwind of activity all year long. I guarantee you, the grass never grows under her feet for very long if she can help it.

And I guess that is only fitting since she drags Ol’ Dutch along as she hitched her wagon to this old mule some ten years ago and if I don't go along the wagon may stall out if she hits an uphill jaunt. Every summer she promises me that “this year will be different” and “we are going to take time for ourselves this summer” which is not just wishful thinking but just plain old bald-faced lies.

For as soon as we hit the border of Colorado, she has an itinerary lined out that would make a wedding planner’s preparations look like mere scratchings on a Post-it note pad. It’s not that Ol’ Dutch doesn’t enjoy some activities and seeing old friends, but I am more along the lines of waking up, having coffee and seeing what the day brings to me instead of having a minute-by-minute schedule to adhere to every day.

Since we both worked this summer driving the vans for Mountain Man Rafting, time was even shorter as every day we had to haul people up the river to have fun. And Ol’ Dutch kept up his share of the driving, but it was the after-hours activities that about did me in this summer.

For as soon as we hit the door to the camper Miss Trixie would start barking out orders about who, what, when and where we were next involved with. That is who we are going to see, when we are going (immediately), what we were going to do and where it was going to be located. This all meant that Ol’ Dutch was to get in the shower, grab some semblance of food and get in the Jeep ready to shine at some social event that we just could not miss.

Some of them, like the Silver Threaders Monthly meeting meant at least there would be food as it’s a pot-luck type affair. And even though I can’t hear what is being said, I do get to sit down for a meal at the least.

The same thing with the Monday night bingo at Creede as a late-night hot dog from their concessions is at least offered as some kind of nourishment for supper. But it’s such a rush sometimes that I have to check and make sure I got shorts on over my boxers.

This week has dawned no differently as I was just informed that “someone” needs to take a raft trip up the river this afternoon. I had already told everyone that would listen that I was done with that job as I wanted to focus on elk season which is just around the corner. This week is what is known as the doldrums for Miss Trixie as she cannot imagine letting me do what I wanted to do for the week. Which means that I will have to rush home after the raft trip and repeat the rushed process to get to the free hamburger at the Creede Bingo end of the year party.

Yesterday while we were climbing a mine dump pile looking for rocks and some people came past her, I realized finally that she has a card attached to her forehead that says, “talk to me.”  But of late I have begun to feel sorry for the men in those groups as I have realized that she fills in all the ladies about all the activities available in the area throughout the summer. This means that they too will show up dragging Harry or William along and the poor men folk will get no rest until they hurriedly return to wherever they came from at the beginning of the summer season.

So, if you are wanting a nice relaxing vacation in Colorful Colorado, avoid Miss Trixie like the plague. Because she has plans for you yet unknown.


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