Philanthropy Days headed to Del Norte

DEL NORTE — The San Luis Valley Rural Philanthropy Days conference, scheduled for Sept. 17 to 19, 2019 will be held in Del Norte, the county seat of Rio Grande County. The announcement about the location of the conference came in October after Rio Grande County community leaders were successful in their pitch to host the event in Del Norte.
Rural Philanthropy Days (RPD) is a statewide program of Community Resource Center that provides nonprofit leaders the resources they need to lead effective and sustainable organizations. RPD conferences convene nonprofits, funders and local governments to share ideas and develop collaborative opportunities in order to build the capacity of local organizations and communities to address regional social issues.
The Community Resource Center and Anschutz Family Foundation, along with local volunteers, coordinate the events in eight rural regions throughout Colorado. The San Luis Valley region consists of Alamosa, Conejos, Costilla, Mineral, Rio Grande, and Saguache counties. A conference is hosted in each rural region every four years with the location varying depending on the interest of host communities each cycle.
“Sue Anschutz-Rodgers’ vision in creating this program 27 years ago was to get the funders that are primarily based on the Front Range to go to the nonprofits out in the state,” said Abel Wurmnest, executive director of the Anschutz Family Foundation. “Rural Philanthropy Days gives us an opportunity to meet with nonprofits and other local leaders on their home turf to better understand the challenges and needs of the region in order to make the best grants that we can.”
Rio Grande nonprofit leaders and community members continue to generate momentum and express enthusiasm around bringing RPD to the Town of Del Norte.
“Del Norte is thrilled to be hosting the 2019 RPD.  We are excited to collaborate across sectors with the San Luis Valley to create a great event and share the community’s enthusiasm and hospitality with our neighbors and the funders who make so much happen,” said Adrienne Atencio, conference co-chair.
Kim Smoyer, event coordinator, echoed her sentiments, “This community has pulled together for all kinds of projects and has a track record of success.  The partners already on board will provide amazing resources and a welcoming experience for San Luis Valley nonprofits.”
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