Monte Vista thanks Skeffs

Photo by Rebecca Copley (Left to right) Colette Skeff, Ray Skeff, Unita Vance (Vali-3 Theater board Co-chair), Chelsea McNerney-Martinez (Vali-3 Theater board Co-chair), Susan Ennis (Vali-3 Theater Assistant Manager), and Destiny Davis (Vali-3 advisory board secretary).

MONTE VISTA - At the last Monte Vista City Council meeting the Vali-3 Theater board along with the City of Monte Vista publicly thanked Colette and Ray Skeff for their generous donation to help save the Vali-3 Theater.

“On behalf of the City Council, advisory board, Caroline, Susan and all the volunteers, we extend our sincere gratitude, to you for your generous contributions and for continuing to be very important in the Vali-3 Theater. We are reminded once again what a wonderful caring and loving community we live in. Your generous donation of $40,000 allowed for us to purchase a new laser projector to replace the projector that broke and made it possible for the Vali-3 theater to reopen,” said City Clerk Unita Vance who also serves as Co-chair for the Vali-3 Theater board.

Vance went on to say, “You have not only made a huge impact on the Vali-3 theater but an even bigger impact on our community. Now all of our community members will be able to enjoy not only films but the historic downtown, arts and films that will be brought to the theater, and hopefully soon live production. In a show of appreciation, the City of Monte Vista City Council members and the Vali-3 Theater board members would like to present to you this plaque. We would also like to inform you that you will be getting your own walk of fame.”

Vance told them that they plan to demolish the sidewalk right in front of the theater and replace it with a Hollywood replica walk of fame Star bearing both of their names. The Skeffs were also presented with a lifetime membership of free movies to the Vali-3 Theater.

“We’re very happy to do it,” Colette Skeff told those there adding, “We love this community and it was important to do.”


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