Make A Difference Day 2020 overwhelming success

At the Food Bank Steve Baer, Sharon Cancino, Ashley McCay, Wes Baer, Carol Baer

To the editor:
During hard times it is good to be reminded to love and support individuals and community. The Oct. 24, 2020, Make A Difference Day event embodied these qualities.

This was a different year. We chose to continue our event in spite of the pandemic. We knew there were people in need and we are here to help.

The Baer Family is grateful to all who participated. Our particular event was an overwhelming success. Once again individuals came together to support two worthy causes, love for the planet and for people.
A grand total of 105 loads in trucks, trailers and cars passed through the gates of the Regional Landfill. A total of 513 tires and 259 cubic yards of household, organic and construction debris were deposited.
These items will not be dumped on our roadsides, stacked up on beautiful scenic acreage or polluting our rivers and lakes. These items were handled and disposed of properly.

The donations collected for the Monte Vista Food Bank were valued at $1653.00 in non-perishable food items. That amount will feed 87 people for three days. The $800.00 cash donated will be used to buy special Holiday food. That cash amount was the largest ever. Thank you!

Thank you, Regional Landfill Board and Employees, for opening your hearts, minds and gates to the community, for the 21st year. Your donation of time, wages and uncollected revenue is greatly appreciated.

We chose not to prepare a meal for volunteers this year. That was heart breaking for us. Sharing a meal with everyone that works so hard to make this day happen, is always our favorite part of the day. Hopefully next year we can continue that tradition.

We are grateful for the Monte Vista Food Bank and their continued service to those in need.
Thank you, San Luis Valley residents, for cleaning up your yards and community. You opened your pantries and wallets again this year and provided a meal for others; you gave generously.

A special thank you to the volunteers, Wesley Baer, Ashley McCay and Sharon Cancino. We were happy to have family join us again.

Thank you to the volunteers at the Food Bank who spent the day pricing, sorting and putting away food.
Thank you to Bob Richards at San Luis Valley Broadcasting for the live coverage of our day. Hopefully it was well received by your listeners.

Thank you to the Valley Courier and Monte Vista Journal for helping to get the word out.

We are very proud to have celebrated 21 years of our event.

We have made a difference in our community!

This event benefits all who participate.

With love and gratitude,     
Carol and Steve Baer Family


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