Letter to the Editor: Regarding News Literacy Project, think for yourself it is free


I recently read a column in the opinion section from "News Literacy Project." After doing some research on the organization I found its overall mission well-intentioned but perhaps a bit misleading in today's media environment. Two examples for instance are that both the NY Times and Washington Post both endorse and donate to the NLP which is fine.

However, you must question the NLP's mission up front with these two corporate media giants who are well-known to publish lies routinely. Probably the best way to fight "disinformation or misleading information" to use our own God given right to exercise our brains and using the 1st amendment. Treat citizens as adults so they can make up their own minds. Social media and corporate media are a huge problem.

However, the biggest problem in our country is more than likely the ability to think critically as opposed to following the herd. Or listening to a nonprofit backed by corporate media from Washington, D.C., or Boulder to tell you they have the magic website to find the truth.

Think for yourself, it is free.

Brian Tobler

South Fork