Letter to the Editor: Please wear a mask in public

To the editor,

A disappointing photo appeared In the Nov. 11, Monte Vista Journal and the Nov. 14 Valley Courier.

Why disappointing? Because the photo showed 10 Monte Vista Rotary Club members wearing no face coverings while standing close together. These Rotary Club members didn’t appear to be spring chickens. The Veteran’s Center Director of Admissions, Pam Self, was the only person in the photo wise enough to wear a face covering. Thank you, Pam. The current (Nov. 16) count of positive cases for the San Luis Valley is 258. A certain percentage of that number will likely result in death. Schools, events, shopping, and much more are being disrupted by COVID-19 on a daily basis. Wearing a mask and good hand-washing practices are two simple actions we can all engage in. Though it may now be too late, we can try to shorten the COVID-19trajectory by following public health and scientific guidance. Monte Vista Rotary members –I’m glad you are not permitted on the grounds of the Veteran’s Center at Home Lake. My parents (90 and 91years old) live there, and both have co-morbidities that make them more susceptible to COVID-19.

 Marianna Young
Monte Vista


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