LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Hometown girl asks for yes vote on school bond

Dear Editor,
I have worked in the Del Norte School District for 27 years. I also received my entire K-12 public education in some of the buildings in which I now teach.  I am a true hometown girl, and proud of it.  In those years I have witnessed many changes. Some changes have been good. Some changes haven’t been as good.  
As employees of the district, we tend to try to work around any changes that aren’t necessarily conducive to a great working environment.  We “make do” with what we have.  After all, we know that we can teach our students just about anywhere.  In the last couple years however, the buildings are showing their age or revealing their construction faults. “Making do” should no longer be an option.  It is time to invest in new facilities.  It is time to stop making our sons and daughters “make do”.
I love this small town and its people. I love how we come together when one of our own needs something.  Our whole community is in need now.  As voters, we have the power to help this situation. The Del Norte School District has secured a grant to help build new school facilities for our community.  Now, the community needs to vote for a school bond to help itself and its children.
Laurice (Harrison) Butler
DNHS Class of 1980
5th Grade Teacher,
Del Norte Schools

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