LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Del Norte Schools deserve a modern environment

Dear Editor,
As a member of the Del Norte School Board I would like to ask for the community’s support on Question 3A, to raise funds to build a brand new K-12 school for the district. The state of Colorado has already awarded Del Norte a BEST grant for 27 million dollars to build but the district must raise the additional 17.9 million dollars for the project. If the district cannot raise this amount the grant from BEST will be taken away and awarded to another school. Several schools in Colorado, who weren’t judged to be in the need Del Norte is are hoping we fail. The BEST grant program is scheduled to end with no guarantee it will be renewed in the future. That cannot be our option or legacy for the school and community.
The students and community of Del Norte deserve a modern 21st century environment for education. A facility that provides for modern ADA compliance as well as cutting edge technology. By using a single building on a self-contained campus and setting where the football field stands today, we will vastly improve the school’s safety profile. Traffic issues will be considerably better by use of this location with one drop/pickup location for all students. And, have no fear, a new football facility will be constructed.
By building to modern energy standards and having all under one roof, the district should save well over $150,000 dollars a year in energy costs. This type of construction also puts all the school’s resources closer to where they’re needed. This means that nurses, athletic, counseling, and administrative personnel are close at hand. It also puts food services in one location instead of being scattered over three.
Thank you for your valuable time.
Neal Walters,
Del Norte

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