La Garita rising: La Garita, Colorado USA

SAN LUIS VALLEY - A caldera eruption does not only leave behind what we come to know as historical sites, it creates beautiful energies. La Garita, Colorado is a very special place where one can feel geomagnetic forces as it interacts with our own body chemistry and that comes from the La Garita caldera.

A caldera is a large volcanic crater formed by an eruption that led to the collapse of the mouth of the volcano. This caldera covers the whole range of the western part of the valley. Geologists tell us that it was formed 28 million years ago and that area has much rich mineral content, especially minerals like gold, silver, uranium, copper and zinc.

These were known by the natives. The neat and special feelings that come from this area were created by the caldera. The Ute tribes were very aware that the caldera brought these wonderful
energies and they embraced them.

They didn’t necessarily share the same view as the geologists in that the energies came from geomagnetic forces. Rather, they believed the good feelings were brought by unknown forces.
All people traveling in that area please note that you’re going to feel that feeling.
The director of La Garita, Colorado USA, Frank Amadeo White, is working toward producing a special project which includes completing a restoration of history in La Garita. This will include a small museum with tipi’s and a sweat lodge.

The intention of this article is to get everyone acquainted with this beautiful area of mystical feelings, that are almost euphoric. We invite you to visit La Garita and experience those good feelings — to learn about the history of the land with Frank White.

Anyone who is intrigued by this invitation and who wishes to learn more, or just wants to have a great conversation about history please feel free to contact White. Please be looking out for the next part of our five-part series.

Frank White is the descendant of Antonio Blanco or Tony White as he was later known, who settled in La Garita in the 1800s. His dream is to open a museum on land the family still owns in La Garita to celebrate the history of the area. To familiarize Valley residents with La Garita’s history, White is writing a series of articles that will appear in the Center Post-Dispatch for the next several weeks. You can contact Frank at [email protected] or 303-587-6832


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