HVCC opens doors for afterschool program

DEL NORTE— The Del Norte School District has been in session for the last two weeks and students are excited for their first week back at the High Valley Community Center (HVCC). HVCC opened their doors after a short, much needed break on Tuesday, Sept. 3. “We are excited to have the students back for the school year and have so many fun things planned for the year,” said Director of Operation Kathryn Trujillo.
The season starts off with the center’s annual swimming lessons at the Sand Dunes Swimming Pool. “We love this time of year when the students get a chance to have swimming lessons. We will go to the pool every Friday from now until Thanksgiving break. Students get swimming lessons for the first half of the day and then get to play in the afternoon,” said Trujillo.
“Students sixth grade and up will continue with their mentorship program that offers life skills like working at HVCC answering phones and helping younger students with homework. They will have dinner every day that we are open Monday through Thursday, homework help and activities. We are pretty much doing the same thing we do every year,” said Trujillo.
The center will also be doing their community outreach program for the students again this year. The program focuses on businesses and organizations in the community that come to the center to teach the students about a variety of topics from personal hygiene to how a business works. The program has been a huge success in the past several years, and the center is always looking for people to volunteer their time to come and speak with students.
The center will also continue their visits to the River Valley Inn nursing home participating in crafts and other activities with the home’s residents. Over the past three years the center has played a huge part in the nursing home’s activities; the students really enjoy getting a chance to spend time with residents.
In the next year or so the center is looking to expand their operations once the new Del Norte School is open. HVCC has signed a contract with the Del Norte School District to take possession of the old middle school building and will be expanding their program to utilize both the current and new facility. “Nothing has been planned as of yet, but we are discussing the possibility of using both facilities for our program,” said Trujillo.
It is shaping up to be another great year at High Valley. For more information or to sign up for the free program, please visit www.highvalleycommunity.org.


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