Forensic Anthropologist confirms three human remains

CONEJOS COUNTY - On Nov. 10 the Conejos County Sheriff’s office requested assistance from the Colorado Bureau of Investigation to assist them in executing a search warrant for a property near Las Sauces in Conejos County. The search warrant was for an unrelated matter having to do with stolen equipment and stolen vehicles. During this search they discovered human remains on the property.

On Nov. 13, a local law enforcement task force was formed and a second search warrant was issued for a second property in close proximity to the first property they had previously searched. Additional human remains were also found on the second property. The property owners are not currently living at these properties.

A  virtual press briefing concerning the investigation was held Wednesday, Nov. 18, with representatives from agencies assisting with this investigation. They include Conejos County Sheriff’s Office, Saguache County Sheriff’s Office, Alamosa Police Department, Monte Vista Police Department, and the Colorado Bureau of Investigation.

Monte Vista Police Chief George Dingfelder was one of the first to share during the news conference.
“Over the course of the last several months several of our agencies within the San Luis Valley have been investigating missing persons reports,” said Chief Dingfelder making it clear that at this time they are not associating the human remains found with any of their missing persons investigations as it would be “irresponsible and complete speculation.”

Dingfelder shared that the remains are being analyzed by a forensic anthropologist. “We have consulted with a forensic anthropologist who has confirmed that the remains are human. Please be patient with us. There is a lot to be done on identifying these remains,” said Dingfelder. Sharing that due to the condition that they were in, it could take several weeks or months to identify the victims. At this point however the forensic anthropologist has been able to confirm that they have the remains of three victims. The cause of death is unknown at this time.

Alamosa Police Chief Ken Anderson also shared that the Alamosa Police department has clearly identified a suspect in this case. “He is still currently on the run and his name is Adre Jordan Baroz. His date of birth is 10/28/1994. This individual is from the Sanford Colorado area which is the same area we’re kind of talking about,” said Chief Anderson. Chief Anderson also shared that they currently have an active warrant for Barzo for homicide.

“I would say that he should be considered at this time armed and dangerous. Should not be contacted by the public. We are encouraging people to please contact 911 if they see Mr. Baroz. But I also want to point something out that although Mr. Baroz currently is our suspect in this homicide investigation all suspects are clearly innocent until proven guilty,” said Chief Anderson adding, “My main goal right now, is working with all these other law enforcement agencies from the Valley including CBI. Our main goal is to get him off the street. He is a danger to the community right now.”

Chief Anderson said they are asking that if anyone has any information about Baroz’s whereabouts or about the discovered bodies to contact them. Chief Anderson also shared that people in the community may know Baroz by his widely used nickname “Psycho.”

Conejos Sheriff Garth Crowther also shared at the briefing. Sheriff Crowther stated that investigators plan to continue searching the second site as it is imperative that they exhaust the search of that area to ensure that all remains and evidence have been found.

Deputy Director of Investigations for CBI Chris Schaefer echoed the statements of Chief Anderson. Schaefer saying, “Our priority for now is to get Mr. Baroz into custody and to identify the remains of the individuals that we have found. However as Chief Dingfelder has said this will take a long time.”

Schaefer also sharing that at this time they do not have any indication that this case is connected to the Suzanne Morphew missing person investigation. He shared that at this point there is no information to indicate that these cases are connected. However, he shared that they are actively investigating and will go wherever the information takes them.

The investigation is ongoing and a “tip line” has been established to help gather information related to this investigation. If you have any information you are asked to please call (719) 270-0210.


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