Elect the ones who will work

Native Writes

It’s election time in the San Luis Valley. By this morning, you all should have marked ballots, returned them and, by hook or crook, learned the results.
These mid-term elections are fun. There is no spilled blood, few fisticuffs and no battles in the boardroom.
Next November will be the big one. We will know what’s happening at the federal level.
Or will we?
We just saw some state level recall drives fall apart and the proponents weren’t pleased.
I don’t like recalls within a year after someone is installed in office. When I’m approached for support, I say elections are cheaper when held they day they should be and the official can be voted out.
Impeachment is a little more complicated. Still, there’s an election looming and we, the people, can have a final say.
I will never forget the Richard M. Nixon years. I believed he was a scoundrel and Congress could deal with him.
The Bill Clinton situation was more fun. What red-blooded male wouldn’t lie about having an extra-marital affair?
It led to successful enterprises for Monica Lewinsky and what should have been a lifelong red face for Hillary.
At least, it should have. She stood by her man through some questionable situations and didn’t kick him to the curb.
She didn’t stay in the kitchen baking cookies, either. She held high offices then ran for president.
The Donald Trump situation is much more interesting. Each day, a new person is quoted by one TV station as saying he is a criminal, while another station swears he is the victim of a “witch hunt.”
The truth is somewhere in between and he won’t speak it either way.
We need to concentrate on what’s happening locally and how the eventual outcome will affect us here in the boondocks.
We need members of the federal house and senate to work on our behalf and know they will before we darken the little circles next to their names.
A saw a bumper sticker saying, “Think globally, act locally.”
That makes sense, but we need to see our taxing entities as being pieces of that puzzle.
Even the fellow who is down and out paid taxes on his new wine or the sandwich he bought.
The fellow who earned more than $100,000 last year sneers at him and we are all looked at for support.
The comfort comes when the elected officials help do something about it. Our part is making sure the ones we elected will work on it.


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