Drive-by shooting confirmed by Del Norte Police Department

Authorities seek info

DEL NORTE— At 5 p.m. on Sunday, August 5, Del Norte Police Officer Steve Martinez was stopped by two residents who reported hearing shots fired in the 500 block of Pine Street.

“The two individuals stated that they had heard exactly seven shots fired. I responded to the residence that was the supposed location of the shooting and found evidence that a weapon had been discharged,” stated Martinez.

Upon further investigation, Martinez was able to recover enough evidence to classify the incident as a drive-by shooting. “Two hours after the initial report, I was contacted by the property owners who reported damage from the weapon on two vehicles and found evidence consistent with drive-by shooting cases. We are not releasing the caliber of the weapon until further analysis has been completed by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation.”

Martinez continued, stating that a survey of the area was done along with interviews to gather evidence and information about the vehicle and the suspects that may have been involved. “No one was able to provide any information on the vehicle or the suspects at that time. We do have several suspects under investigation, and we also have a possible weapon that has been recovered. It is currently being processed by CBI.”

Martinez confirmed that the residence and vehicles damaged during the incident were vacant at that time and there were no injuries.

The Del Norte Police Department is asking anyone with any information pertaining to the incident to please contact the department at 657-2600 or Colorado State Patrol.

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