DNPD assists with South Fork theft

South Fork Police Department (SFPD)

DEL NORTE— On Friday, July 26 the South Fork Police Department (SFPD) was contacted about a possible vehicle theft that took place at the Blimpie’s Gas Station in South Fork. Upon investigation, officers were able to watch the surveillance cameras located around the property to identify another vehicle that was used in the theft as well a male suspect. “There was another vehicle used to drop the suspect off so that he could steal the other truck,” said South Fork Police Chief Coty Arthur
“Later in the day, the suspect used the garage door opener in the truck that was stolen to open the garage at the owner’s residence and stole several items. The owner reported the missing items and we continued our investigation,” said Arthur.
On Friday night, SFPD was contacted by Del Norte Police Department (DNPD) who had located the vehicle used in connection with the theft, in the 1000 block of Grande Avenue at a local residence. On the same night, DNPD also located the stolen truck about a block away from the residence. “We recovered the vehicle that night and issued two arrest warrants and a property search warrant for Steven Flores and Wendy Montoya,” stated Arthur.
On Monday, July 29, several agencies executed the warrants and took both suspects into custody. “Upon searching the residence, we were able to recover most of the stolen items and arrested the two individuals suspected in the case. We are grateful for the interagency partnerships and help from Rio Grande County Sheriff, Center Police Department and DNPD,” said Arthur.
Flores will be charged with aggravated motor vehicle theft, felony burglary, possession of a firearm by a previous offender and other charges related to the case. “There was a .32 caliber pistol in the stolen vehicle which automatically made it an aggravated motor vehicle theft. Montoya will be charged with the same charges except for the possession of a firearm by a previous offender,” Arthur commented.
Arthur and his team in South Fork have made nine arrests in a three-week period in South Fork. “We have been very busy and are grateful for our fellow law enforcement agencies who have helped along the way.”
More details pertaining to the other cases SFPD have been working on will be reported as soon as details can be released.


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