Del Norte Trustee Anzalone gives an update on court case

DEL NORTE — In an interview with Del Norte Trustee Laura Anzalone by the Del Norte Prospector on Feb. 28, Anzalone gave an update on the current court case against the City of Del Norte.  

Anzalone filed charges against the City of Del Norte last year after she was censured by the board in a meeting in October of 2021. The Del Norte Town Board passed the censure of Trustee Anzalone for acts that were labeled as misconduct.

According to Anzalone, the censure came after she proposed to begin a request for proposal to seek new staff members and had been questioning how the town follows ordinances such as performance evaluation requirements and public speaking during discussion periods. 

Anzalone recently said that she wanted the general public to know where they were in the case's proceedings saying that she thought the Town had not shared anything in some time.

“I just felt it was time to give everyone an update because the Town is continuing to remain quiet on the matter and I feel it is important for people to know what is happening,” she said. 

According to Anzalone, the attorney working for the Town of Del Norte recently requested that all charges against the Town Board be dropped, but this was denied by the judge presiding over the case. A document provided by Anzalone stated, “This matter comes before the Court on Defendants’ Motion to Dismiss. The Court has considered the Motion and related briefing, the averments of Plaintiff’s complaint, and the applicable legal authority. Having done so, the Court hereby denies the Motion on the following grounds.” 

“Defendants construe the averments set forth in the complaint too narrowly. Defendants also purport a bright line rule concerning censures in relation to 'quasi-judicial actions' is dispositive of Plaintiff’s first and second claims; however, the authority Defendants rely on does not suggest such a clear principle exists. Defendants’ arguments concerning the rest of Plaintiffs’ claims are largely based on Defendants’ contention that a political censure, as a matter of law, is not a quasi-judicial action, nor is it a 'formal action.' In light of that, the Court does not find that those arguments require dismissal of Plaintiffs fourth and fifth claims.” 

Anzalone said that all claims filed against the Town Board are live and that she will be following through with the subsequent proceedings.

“It is not something I want to do, but I feel it is important to see this through,” she said. 

Anzalone also said that she will not be seeking re-election when her term ends in April.

“I do not feel it would be in my best interest to run again, at least not until some changes have been made in the Town Board and its leadership. I may rethink this decision in the future but for now, I have other plans to pursue,” she said. 

The Del Norte Town Board will have three seats open for the coming election, with Anzalone’s seat being one of them.

“The Town received three petitions for the three open seats and will not be holding an election. Those that applied for the open positions will be filling them,” explained Anzalone. 

Anzalone also said that she will continue to be as transparent as possible as the proceedings continue.