Del Norte Schools recipient of SFMA donation

SOUTH FORK— The South Fork Music Association (SFMA) will be awarding this year’s Rhythms on the Rio funds to the Center School District, Del Norte School District and the San Luis Valley Percussion Academy. SFMA works to keep music programs in local schools and communities.
The association aims to provide quality musical events for the City of South Fork and the surrounding area. The group’s organizational skills and resources related to staging live music concerts will provide many more opportunities for the diverse and abundant musical talent in the Valley. The focus of the SFMA will be to employ local talent whenever possible and additionally attract national acts and their fans to South Fork. Music is crucial to a well-rounded education; therefore, the SFMA (501(c)(3) will continue to support younger musicians through grant-writing to provide funding for school programs, scholarships and workshop.
Throughout the past 10 years, the organization has been a leader in funding music programs throughout the Valley. When the organization first started, funds collected through the music festival went to the purchase of several musical instruments and classes for area youth. After reviewing the program, it was decided by the SFMA board of directors to revamp the process by ensuring that area schools were able to keep their musical programs and has since donated thousands of dollars to Valley schools.
According to SFMA spokesman Scott Stecken, there will be a donation of about $4,000 split between two schools and the new percussion program. “We are not sure how the funds will be allocated just yet, but we are working with everyone to work out the details,” explained Stecken. The donated funds are guaranteed to go towards the music programs offered by the schools, while supplying musical instruments to children in need.
The new San Luis Valley Percussion Academy is a new, hot program in Alamosa, offered by a professor from Adams State University. The program is an 18-week course offered to children in ninth through 12th grades. Professor James Doyle wanted to bring a new outlet for teens to learn about the world of percussion by implementing the program and will be working closely with SFMA to see that the program continues.
The course will expose students to a wide range of percussion instruments from all around the world. Doyle is bringing his unique knowledge of rare percussion instruments to the table and will introduce students to percussion in the most interesting way possible.
A $25 registration fee that can be waived will equip students with drum sticks, a drum pad and a t-shirt, in addition to the class time and concert. Along with the donation of space and equipment by the ASU Music Department, the academy is supported by a grant from ASU’s Office of Title V initiatives and SFMA. The first class starts Tuesday, Nov. 7 in ASU’s music building. Call Doyle at 710-587-7702 or email him at [email protected] for more information.

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