Del Norte Public Library installs new sign

Several volunteers including the Del Norte Fire Department came out Sunday to help install the new sign at the Del Norte Public Library.

DEL NORTE— The Del Norte Public Library used funding collected during last year’s book sale to purchase a new sign that was installed last week. The library has been working for several years now to collect funding to help improve the building and surrounding area and has done some wonderful things over the last few years.
According to Del Norte Library Board of Directors President Glynnis Williams, the library is excited to finally have a visible sign in front of the building. For many years, people in the Del Norte area did not even realize that there was a library in town, and the library has been working to change that perception. “We are so excited to have a new sign. We are hoping that it will help bring people to the library and the way that it was designed made it fit in perfectly with the old building,” said Williams.
Thanks to the help of several area volunteers and the Del Norte Fire Department the sign was installed last Sunday, July 28. “Stephen Crawford from Wildwood Sounds created it for us, and I am just so happy with the way it turned out. We really hope people will notice it and come in to say hello,” said Williams.
“Jerry Gallegos spent most of the day painting the pole for the new sign up to a point where he could no longer reach so Clint Williams took over from there and finished the top. It was a great effort from the fire department to come and help us out. Even Kevin Larimore and his crew from the city came out to help clear away the bushes from around the area and moved the Freemont Monument to its new spot. The High Valley Community Center cleaned out the weeds from the grain grinding wheels and around the yard. It was really amazing,” said Williams.
Now that the sign is in place, the library will be collecting funds during this year’s book sale coming up this weekend to purchase a new bike rack for patrons. “We don’t have a bike rack and a lot of our patrons ride their bikes to the library so that is our goal this year. We hope everyone will come out to our annual book sale and help us buy a new rack for the library,” said Williams.
The library had a great summer with the High Valley Community Center (HVCC) who partnered with Perks Coffee Shop to offer a summer reading program for children in the area. The program was a great success and was held every Thursday. Parents could bring their children to the library, drop them off for a reading and activity program led by students from HVCC and then go to Perks if they wanted to enjoy a warm beverage and some downtime.
“We were very happy with the turnout for both of our reading programs and plan to continue the Thursday program next summer. The Wednesday reading program will continue throughout the year,” said Williams.
The annual book sale kicks off Saturday morning at 7 a.m. in the parking lot next to the library in Del Norte, Come out and get some books and help a great cause!


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