Ciello offers public Wi-Fi hotspot

SAN LUIS VALLEY— Ciello would like to remind San Luis Valley residents of the two public Wi-Fi hotspots available in Monte Vista and La Jara. The hotspots can be of huge significance at this time to help people stay connected to work and school during disruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic. “This pandemic has affected our daily lives in dramatic ways, and that disruption could continue for some time,” says Monroe Johnson, Ciello’s chief technology officer. “There are people in our area who do not have internet access or their connection is not sufficient for their current needs. These Wi-Fi hotspots will help fill those gaps and provide a reliable connection to those who need it.”
Public Wi-Fi hotspots are located at:
Monte Vista’s Chapman Park, password: ciellowifi

La Jara Town Park, password: ciellowifi2

Due to the social distancing guidelines recommended by the CDC, Ciello encourages users to remain in their cars to limit exposure to themselves and others. “We also recommend that priority be given to students needing to participate in online classes and to those who need to work if they cannot be in their office,” says Johnson.

“Ciello is honored to be part of the San Luis Valley community; we are always looking for opportunities to serve our neighbors,” Johnson says. “The current health crisis has disrupted everyone’s lives, but it is our hope that these Wi-Fi hotspots will help ease the burden a little.”


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