Boogies Restaurant burglarized early Friday

By Lyndsie Ferrell
DEL NORTE— According to reports from Del Norte Police Chief Robert Fresquez, Boogies Restaurant was the victim of a burglary in the early morning hours of Aug. 31.
“We have reason to believe that this was an inside job because the suspects entered the building at 12:17 a.m. on Friday, Aug. 31 through the front entrance and exited the same way, stopping to relock the door with keys,” stated Fresquez.
Fresquez continued, stating that the persons of interest are a male and female who entered the building and according to the chief, knew exactly where to go and for what. “They entered the building and took a large amount of frozen food from the freezer, an undetermined amount of beer and a bank bag that contained just over $200. They had to have keys in order to get into the office where the bank bag was held and were familiar with the building.”
Fresquez stated that the department did have video footage of the suspects entering and exiting the building, but that footage was not clear enough to see facial features. “At this point we do have some suspects; all of the employees are under investigation and we recognize the fact that someone could have potentially gotten ahold of an employee’s keys as well. We are reaching out to the public for more information to aid in our investigation at this time.”
According to a Facebook post by the owner of the restaurant, they will be offering a reward for any information that leads to the arrest of the individuals involved. “There was no property damage that was reported, just the items and money that were taken. I received the call early Friday and responded to the scene as soon as the burglary was noticed,” stated Fresquez.
In addition to the burglary, Three Barrels Brewery owner William Kreutzer reported vandalism to his outdoor patio over the weekend. “Will reported damage to his banners and that trash cans were being knocked over near the front of his building. Because of the damage he had to replace his banners. This occurred in the early morning hours as well, it is when we see the most activity,” stated Fresquez.
“These people are desperate. They need money and food because of the drugs. The people who committed the burglary were in need of food for whatever reason,” stated Fresquez.
Fresquez asks the public for information pertaining to either of the above incidences. “Please continue to keep your eyes out for anything suspicious and report anything, anything at all to the police department.”
To report any information, please contact Del Norte Police Department at 657-2600.


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