BOCC hears updates from road, bridge

Jail doctor contract discussed

DEL NORTE— The Rio Grande Board of County Commissioners opened their end of month meeting on April 25 with an update from the county’s Road And Bridge Department Director Patrick Sullivan. Sullivan stated that the work being done on County Road 13 was complete except for some finaeed to be done.
The department was approved to begin paving the road about a mile past the Del Norte Cemetery where the pavement ends and the road turns to dirt. The project paved the road up to Wagon Wheel Road, which is about five miles from where the dirt road begins. Sullivan stated that the department did not change the layout of the road, only paved the surface and widened it in some places, where curves tighten. Sullivan stated that the last part of the project will be finishing up the final shaping of the road and then the department can move on to other projects in the county.
Sullivan also asked for permission to purchase a new striper for the department stating that the purchase had been budgeted for and that the one being considered is the same kind as what the department has used in the past. Sullivan continued, explaining that the current striper is old and a new one would include ergonomic changes that will better protect the striping crews. Commissioners approved the purchase of the new striper and moved on to the next item on the agenda.
County Attorney Bill Dunn gave a report on a contract that would allow a doctor to provide medical services to the jail. Dunn explained that there are some things in the contract that he would like to be edited before commissioners sign into an agreement with a doctor. Commissioner Suzanne Bothell suggested that one of the changes include that the doctor will not be paid until a nurse is hired and can work under the physician’s license.
Commissioner Karla Shriver suggested that the contract be contingent upon having a nurse hired prior to choosing a physician. Dunn stated that the doctor would be considered a county employee and not an employee of the sheriff’s department, but would be required to meet with the sheriff weekly and give regular reports to County Administrator Roni Wisdom.
Wisdom asked that the contract also be drafted to end annually so changes and/or amendments can be made when necessary and to align with the budget process at the end of the year. Dunn stated that he would make the appropriate changes and asked to have a work session scheduled so the board could review the contract with the sheriff prior to approval.

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