12 Hours of Penitence announces concert, shuttle service

MONTE VISTA— The 12 Hours of Penitence Board of Directors met for their monthly meeting on the evening of Aug. 21 in Monte Vista to continue planning for the fifth annual event which will take place on Sept. 14. The board reviewed current plans for the event and added some details to make the event more enticing for participants and viewers.
Race Director Jerry Duran started the meeting stating that he would like to try to bring more local attention and participants to the race this year. “One of the most important things I feel we need to do is to draw more of the local community into becoming a part of the event.”
“I would really like to push the idea that the Maggie Rains Band will be performing from 5:45 p.m. until 9 p.m. at Penitente Canyon on Saturday, Sept. 14 that will be free to the public. I would like to invite people out to the event. We are going to have Three Barrel and Square Peg breweries serving beer, Papa Murphy’s Pizza and Cocina Jireh serving food. I would love to have more community involvement with the event and not just the racers,” continued Duran.
Duran also pointed out that the board needs to push the fact that a large portion of the proceeds from the event will go directly to the Rio Grande Rattlers, a high school-based group of mountain bikers that travel across the state to compete in other biking events and competitions. “This is such an amazing group of students that work very hard,” stated Duran.
During the meeting, board members also considered adding a shuttle service that would help bring people from the main road up to the campground for the concert and awards ceremony after the race. “We have the road blocked off for the racers well into the evening, even after the concert starts. We need to have some kind of shuttle service to help bring people from the main road back to the campground,” explained Duran.
Board members voted to have a shuttle service planned for the event to make it easier for the public to attend the festivities throughout the day and night. “This way people will not have to walk the road leading back to the campground in order to participate in the festivities after the race. Hopefully that will encourage more participation from the local community.”
The race takes place at Penitente Canyon which has a world class single-track trail system that brings in many riders to the area. The race uses a 17-mile lap with 1700 feet of elevation gain per lap. It is an awesome, fun and beautiful course. Riders, both solo and teams, race for 12 hours from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. to see who can cover the most distance within that time limit.
Racers receive a free baseball cap and food voucher for participation in the event. The board is still seeking volunteers for the event, and those who are interested can contact Duran at [email protected]


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